Thirty-seven AeHIN members from 12 teams across Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand successfully completed the MIT Critical Data – AeHIN Mentorship Program on Health Data Science launched last November 2020.

Based on AeHIN’s online survey among its members to identify the digital health needs of countries for COVID-19 response, the majority of AeHIN respondents indicated their interest to learn about network-specific digital health resources, specifically healthcare data analysis for COVID-19.

To address the training need on network resources for health data analysis, AeHIN partnered with the MIT Critical Data to offer its course on ‘HST.953: Collaborative Data Science in Medicine’ via edX to country teams in AeHIN. This strategy aimed to promote cross-discipline collaboration in alignment with AeHIN’s principle of peer learning.

“This course was created by members of MIT Critical Data, a global consortium that consists of healthcare practitioners, computer scientists, and engineers from academia, industry, and government, that seeks to place data and research at the front and center of healthcare operations” (eDX, N.D.)¹.

AeHIN has reimbursed its successful applicants with the cost of certification for the HST.953: Collaborative Data Science in Medicine.


¹edX Course Description