The Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN), with the support of Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, has released the call for the HL7 FHIR R4 Proficiency Certificate Reimbursement Program in October 2022.

In this program, AeHIN supported the cost of  HL7 FHIR (R4) Proficiency Certification (315 USD) via reimbursement process for those who participated in the AeHIN FHIR (R4) Proficiency Training Program on August 5-7, 2022. This serves to encourage the participants that they should take part in increasing the capacity of healthcare interoperability within their country, and thus, contribute in promoting interoperability in the region.

The participants  submitted (1) HL7 (R4) Proficiency Certificate, (2) proof of payment, and (3) one-pager action plan for proposed interoperability project, to be eligible for reimbursement by AeHIN. By the deadline on December 4, 2022, six  participants passed the certification exam and submitted all the required documents.

The name of the successful participants are as follows.

  • Natdanai Thaipipat, Thailand
  • Thanaphop Na Nakhonphanom, Thailand
  • Teerapat Saengthongpitak, Thailand
  • Nat Tanchitnob, Thailand
  • Shakira Irfan, Sri Lanka
  • Kevin Bilavarn, Lao PDR

 HL7 also published the names of the certified member via HL7 Certification Directory | HL7 International.

Moreover, we are delighted to share the testimonials from our successful participants.

  • “It was a really informative and useful program. I clearly understand the FHIR resource concepts and how to exchange them.” – Natdanai Thaipipat, Thailand
  • “Thanks for the great support from AeHIN! The successful completion of the HL7 FHIR R4 Proficiency Exam enables me to contribute to health information exchange in Thailand.” – Thanaphop Na Nakhonphanom, Thailand
  • “Awesome program to stimulate FHIR implementation.” – Teerapat Saengthongitag, Thailand
  • “Great supports from the staffs. Great program for studying and earning FHIR certificate. I’m very thankful.” – Nat Tanchitnob, Thailand
  • “The 3 day Exam preparation course and the Presentations were excellent guides. The support from AeHIN throughout the programme was simply great!” – Shakira Irfan, Sri Lanka
  • “Honored to be part of the FHIR community, thanks to AeHIN.” – Kevin Bilavarn, Lao PDR