General Meetings

The AeHIN General Meeting is held annually to convene members, experts and partner organizations to discuss key issues on eHealth and offer solutions based on best practices gathered in the region. It serves as a venue to track eHealth progress, establish a call to action and strengthen the commitment of participants in promoting the better use of ICT for better health. It is conducted with a technical conference to better cater emerging needs in the region.

Convergence Workshops

AeHIN helps countries in identifying mechanisms that strengthen their Health Information Systems and eHealth. AeHIN, with the help of ministries of health and development partners, conducts convergence workshops to set the stage for the development of a national HIS and eHealth plans in a country. These plans include the health and development goals of a country as well as its implementation roadmap that responds to the country’s HIS and eHealth priorities.


The Community of Interoperability Labs (COIL) is organized as a forum to learn from each other and disseminating new knowledge and research across borders and within their own countries. Spearheaded in parallel are in-country interoperability labs intended to build capacity within countries to build, acquire, and implement those artifacts in operational environments – the clinics, hospitals, program offices, etc. These labs will become the go-to places for various stakeholders in the countries for testing, tooling, training, and teaching on interoperability of electronic information systems.


openIMIS is the first open source software that manages social (health) protection schemes by linking beneficiary, provider, and payer data. With a modular structure, openIMIS can be modified according to country-specific needs. The openIMIS initiative is promoting inclusivity of excluded populations into social (health) protection schemes. AeHIN is supporting this initiative by helping create a regional CoP in Asia. The CoP is a regional hub of health education institutions, medical student associations, in-country interoperability labs, and other related networks that actively review, implement, and evaluate openIMIS in various use cases, particularly in the academic setting, to support the application of ICT solutions for social health protection. It provides country input on challenges, priorities, and user requirements for the system in order to inform the direction and development of openIMIS. Insights from the CoP in Asia are expected to refine knowledge products on ICT solutions for social (health) protection at the global level.


The AeHIN REACH is a shared resource for countries to tap to enhance national HIS-CRVS systems organized around a robust enterprise architecture. The Council, composed of 15 TOGAF certified architects, provides support and advice as countries shape their national eHealth strategies. It maintains a repository of artifacts on enterprise architecture from which countries can pull, adopt, and adapt to guide crafting terms of reference for their own national health information systems investments.


The AeHIN Research Group is part of AeHIN Academy, the capacity-building arm of AeHIN. It was formed to help AeHIN member countries in evaluating and improving the quality of their respective eHealth strategies through research and research trainings focused on GAPS. Its projects and programs include an outcomes-based evaluation plan.