In support of the openIMIS October 2021 release version, the openIMIS Regional Hub Asia gathered testers who could contribute to completing the test case scenarios for the openIMIS modular release instance (174 test cases), openIMIS legacy release instance (74 test cases), and the openIMIS claims AI instance (12 test cases).

On September 29, the openIMIS Regional Hub Asia facilitated an orientation and quick training on the testing activity with the identified testers from various country hubs.  The number of identified testers per group were outlined below.

  • Philippines-St Luke’s College of Medicine Quezon City – 8 testers
  • Philippines-San Beda College of Medicine – 5 testers
  • Sri Lanka – 5 testers
  • Cambodia – 5 testers
  • Nepal-Kathmandu University – 2 testers

The testing is ongoing for the openIMIS instances assigned to the regional hub and is expected to be completed by the second week of October 2021.