AeHIN encourages countries to adopt the Mind the GAPS approach in their digital health planning and implementation. AeHIN’s Mind the GAPS Framework summarizes the main areas that countries can work on in order to efficiently and effectively carry out their digital health plans. Hence, in conjunction with the AeHIN General Meeting (GM) conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia, on November 6-9, 2023, AeHIN released a call for papers to AeHIN’s Working Council members. The call for papers targeted case studies on country experiences in one of the GAPS components (Governance, Architecture, People & Program Management, and Standards & Interoperability).

Seven case studies from different countries were presented during AeHIN GM:

    1. Improving Healthcare Through Electronic Prescription Management in Mongolia
    2. Digital Health Governance mechanism to support country’s health systems: Thailand
    3. SIL-Taiwan Taiwan‘s Next-Generation Medical Information Platform – Bridging G-A-P-S in Healthcare Infrastructure
    4. MSc In Biomedical Informatics and MD Health Informatics Leading To Board Certification In Health Informatics As A Specialist Sri Lanka’s Unique Model Of Creating Digital Health Leaders
    5. Department of Health Philippines: GAPS Paper Presentation
    6. Ministry of Health Malaysia: Health Information Exchange Interoperability
    7. Adopting International Standards: Challenges and Strategies for Success (India)