AeHIN Hour is AeHIN’s knowledge-sharing platform where members discuss topics like eHealth, health information systems, information technology, and CRVS. Our webinars run on Zoom Meeting and are conducted for an hour with 30-45 minutes allotted for lecture followed by a 15-minute question and answer portion. They are attended by health experts representing at least nine countries in each webinar.

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AeHIN Hour 2023
Meeting ID: 914 4400 8524

AeHIN Hour 2022

1/25/22Introducing ANZIL to the COIL NetworkJorn Bettin, Keith Duddy
1/31/22Health Equity Fund in CambodiaMs. Sovathana
2/22/22A Study on Health Insurance Information Management in the Private Health Insurance Industry of Sri LankaDr. Chamika Senanayake
3/8/22OpenIMIS: Case Study and its Implementation Status in NepalSupriya Khadka, Rohan Chhetry
3/15/22Introduce the Standard and Interoperability Lab - Smart Healthcare Center of Excellent TaiwanProf. Hsu
3/30/22Why and How Thailand became a SNOMED CT Member CountryDr. Boonchai
4/5/22Social Protection Focusing on HEF Implementation in CambodiaDr. Chhuneang Ros
4/8/22Open Source Health Information Systems: Opportunities and Challenges (for Governments)Dr. Luis Marco Ruiz
4/13/22Module 1: The core understandings on DRG and health financing policy (DRG for ALL)Dr. Supasit Pannarunothai
4/20/22Adopting the WHO SMART Guidelines - from paper policy narratives to digital health systemsCarl Leitner
4/27/22HIE Capacity Building: OpenHIE Academy offerings and future directionJennifer Shivers
5/4/22Module 2: The story of the Thai DRG developmentDr. Supasit Pannarunothai
5/6/22openIMIS eLearning Course LaunchDaniella Majakari, Konstanze Lang
5/9/22Health Data Governance Principles: What is in it for us?AeHIN GC, Transform Health
5/13/22Open Source Health Information Systems: Opportunities and Challenges (for Software Implementers)Dr. Luis Marco Ruiz
5/16/22Current Status and Future Perspectives of OpenIMIS Implementation in NepalDr. Rabindra Bista
5/18/22Technical demonstration: process flow from paper forms to FHIR profiles - part 1Jose Costa Teixeira
5/18/22The Android FHIR App SDKCarl Leitner
5/23/22Data Use Acceleration and Learning ModelDr. Chilunga Puta, Taonga Chilalika, Catherine Muyawala
5/25/22DRG Module 3: The mechanisms of DRG developmentDr. Chairoj Zungsontiporn
5/30/22Technical demonstration: process flow from paper forms to FHIR profiles - part 2Jose Costa Teixeira
6/1/22Module 4: Hospitals in the DRG EnvironmentDr. Boonchai Kijsanayotin
6/10/22FOSS and Academia: How to integrate openIMIS in your CurriculumMr. Uwe Wahser, Dr. Oliver Hummerl, Dr. Christoph Geiss
6/15/22Module 5: DRG and health systems objectivesDr. Supasit Pannarunothai
6/22/22Data Protection Laws and its Role in the Health Insurance Setting of Sri LankaDr. Chamika Senanayake
6/28/22SIL-TH journey with FHIR in ThailandDr. Prapat Suriyaphol
6/30/22Introducing the FHIR Projects in ThailandDr. Thanaphop Na Nakhonphanom, Mr. Natdanai Thaipipat
7/18/22Gap AnalysisProf. Basanta
7/25/22Introduction to DISHHenriette Hansen
7/27/22WEBINAR 1: Implementing WHO Smart Guideline based apps with OpenSRP FHIRCoreMatt Berg
8/1/22Malaysia on FHIRDr Zarina Mohd Esman and Dr. Azrin Zubir
8/10/22Android FHIR app and FHIRWeb (administration interface)Benjamin Mwalimu Mulyungi, Matt Berg
8/24/22openIMIS COVID 19 ModuleDr. Julius Migrino
8/31/22Driving access and equity in virtual health and care through inclusive policies in Asia: regional roundtableSpeaker: Lucy Setian (Novartis Foundation)

Facilitator: Jai Ganesh

Malaysia - Dr. Fazilah Allaudin
Philippines - Dr. Eric Tayag
India - Dr. Sanjay P. Sood
Nepal - Dr. Narendra Khanal
Singapore - Mr. Chan Weng Chee
Indonesia - Mr. Patota Tambonan (DTO = Digital Transformation Office of the Min of Health)
9/27/22Governing Health Futures Lancet-Financial Times Commission on Digital HealthProf. Anurag Agrawal
9/28/22Technology Perspectives on the Deployment of AI in HealthcareDr. Leo Celi
11/8/22Introduction to Terminology Services ft. Open Concept LabJonathan Payne, Joseph Amlung
11/14/22GovStack Initiative: Health System Strengthening through Whole-of-Gov. Digital TransformationSherman Kong
12/19/22The Ministry of Health Malaysia Online Healthcare Service Regulatory Lab (OHSRegLab)Dr. Fazilah Shaik Allaudin, Dr. Fairuzaman Bin Ja'afar
12/20/22Digital Health Governance Model: Recommendations for Thai Health SystemsDr. Anawat Ratchatorn, Dr. Kamonporn Suwanthaweemeesuk