AeHIN Hour is AeHIN’s online learning platform where topics on eHealth, health information systems, information technology, and CRVS are shared. It is offered in English and is attended by various eHealth experts representing at least 9 countries per webinar. Local AeHIN Hour webinars are also held by AeHIN member countries Bangladesh, Cambodia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand which are usually offered in the country’s main language.

The Regional AeHIN Hour

The Regional AeHIN Hour is Asia eHealth Information Network’s online learning and sharing sessions participated by member countries every second Wednesdays and last Thursdays of the month 16:00 UTC/GMT+8. It allows members to share and explore ways on how eHealth, HIS, and CRVS implementations could be improved in the region.

Quite an informal session, a speaker lead on discussing a topic requested by members. Participants, from time to time, ask questions to the speaker. Session runs in Cisco Webex Event Center.

The Local AeHIN Hour

Local AeHIN Hours for countries are also being organized to address specific topic requests from countries. It is manned by AeHIN members and ran in their local language. Currently, local AeHIN Hours are being organized by members in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indi, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

Host a Webinar

Are there any discussion session/activity which you or your institutions conduct regularly? This could go as regular as monthly to quarterly or annually (anniversary celebration? conferences?). Could be a technical discussion? A regular class room meeting? or an annual conference? With AeHIN’s Cisco Webex Event Center, you can extend all these to a wider audience without them being physically present in your activities.

This will save you time and resources in managing knowledge sharing activities

The WebEx platform can only be used for eHealth related activities;

  1. The WebEx platform should not be used for promoting tobacco or any medicinal product;
  2. Only registered members/institutions can request use of the platform for meetings and sharing activities related to AeHIN;
  3. A maximum of three consecutive requests for use could be arranged by members/countries with the secretariat. The member/country can only request the system for use after another party request the system; or after a period of 1 month. Otherwise, a memorandum of agreement shall be forged between AeHIN and the requesting member/country;
  4. To use the Cisco WebEx Meeting center, the member/country representative shall fill out the website form;
  5. The Secretariat will send the confirmation of the request within 24-48 hours by emailing the meeting details (password, instructions to log-in) to the requesting member/country;
  6. Requesting party should secure a stable internet connection, headset, microphone, mobile phone / landline at least 3 days before the online meeting and a day before the practice session; and
  7. The requesting party secure the meeting’s documentation in a maximum of 10 days after the meeting is conducted.

Upcoming Events

Date Time Series Topic
Mar-02 6 PM Manila COIL Model Oriented Interoperability and Systems Integration
Mar-03 6 PM Manila COIL Introduction to FHIR Terminology Resources
Mar-09 8 PM Manila openIMIS openIMIS Catalytic Implementation Fund
Mar-10 6 PM Manila COIL Introduction to FHIR Terminology Operations
Mar-11 8 PM Manila AeHIN Hour Digital health technologies in improving efficiency in reproductive medicine
Mar-15 8 PM Manila COIL Interoperability Lab Starter Toolkit
Mar-16 9 PM Manila COVID-19/ AeHIN Hour Product Catalog Management Tool
Mar-17 6 PM Manila COIL Introduction to Mapping
Mar-18 9 PM Manila AeHIN Hour Youth perspective on digital health
Mar-24 6 PM Manila COIL Introduction to Terminology Content
Mar-31 6 PM Manila COIL Introduction to SNOMED CT (from SNOMED International)

Registration details:

AeHIN Hour
Meeting ID: 914 4400 8524

COIL Webinars
Meeting ID: 933 3562 5746

REACH Webinars
Meeting ID: 912 0283 0914

openIMIS webinars
Meeting ID: 988 2085 2282