The AeHIN General Meeting (GM) is an annual gathering of government, development partners, non-government organizations to discuss the latest trends with digital health governance, architecture, program management, standards, and interoperability.

The Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) promotes better use of information communication technology (ICT) to achieve better health through peer-to-peer assistance and knowledge sharing and learning through a regional approach for greater country-level impacts across South and Southeast Asia.

  • Since AeHIN’s inception in 2011, it understood that the success of eHealth (now called digital health) hinged on strong leadership and governance.
  • By the 4th General Meeting with the theme, “Conference on Measurement and Accountability for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in the Asia Pacific” (October 2015 in Bali, Indonesia), AeHIN launched its Regional Enterprise Architecture Council for Health (REACH). By this time, AeHIN already had members who were certified in COBIT5 (IT Governance) and enterprise architecture (TOGAF) to form a special interest group.
  • By the 5th General Meeting with the theme, “Achieving the SDG’s with ICT” (March 2017 in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar), AeHIN’s knowledge had grown exponentially and new concepts were introduced and imbibed by its members, to wit: that countries must look after four areas to succeed with digital health — governance, architecture, program management, standards and interoperability summarized as AeHIN’s Mind the GAPS framework.
  • By the 6th General Meeting with the theme, “Conference on Interoperable Digital Health for UHC” (October 2018 in Colombo, Sri Lanka), AeHIN expressed its commitment to actively participate in the Health Data Collaborative, Digital Square, and Global Digital Health Network to ensure that it creates a platform for communication between countries and the donor community. In this conference, AeHIN also signed a partnership agreement with the Foundation Pierre Fabre.
  • By the 7th General Meeting with the theme, “Strengthening Regional Health Systems Response to COVID-19: Digital Health Experiences in Asia” (January 2021 Online Event), AeHIN shared lessons learned from the region in implementing digital health response to COVID-19. In this meeting, AeHIN released its digital health regional call to action for pandemics and UHC. This event has been organized virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Objectives and Program

Provide an avenue for the community of donors and development partners to discuss relevant digital health topics/s they are working on to accelerate digital health towards UHC Day 1 (October 10 Morning + Afternoon):
AeHIN Partners’ Program
Synthesize updated digital health needs from countries in terms of governance, architecture people & program management, standards & interoperability (GAPS 2.0) Day 2 (October 11, Morning):
Opening Ceremony and GAPS 2.0 Overview and Results Presentation
Conduct deep-dive session on the governance and the people & program management components of the GAPS 2.0 Day 2 (October 11, Afternoon): 
Workshop on Governance and People & Program Management
Conduct deep-dive session on the architecture and the standards & interoperability components of the GAPS 2.0 Day 3 (October 12, Morning):
Workshop on Health Enterprise Architecture and Standards & Interoperability 
Map potential development partner support to the priority needs of countries based on GAPS 2.0 to accelerate digital health towards UHC Day 3 (October 12, Afternoon):
AeHIN Business Meeting
Closing Ceremony