The AeHIN Hour Archive

19/21/2012Developing Health Data DictionariesAlvin MarceloNo video recordingDeck
29/25/2012WHO ITU Strategy ToolkitMark LandryNo video recordingDeck
310/29/2012Good eHealth Practice on RHeA and OpenHIEMark Landry
412/13/2012HIS/CRVS regulationMark Landry
51/25/2013Cambodia Patient ID, Data Privacy, Security, & ConfidentialityMark Landry
62/22/2013Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise for Developing CountriesDr. Alvin Marcelo
Health Informatics Training in Indonesia
Dr. Alvin Marcelo
84/10/2013mHealth for Non Communicable DiseasesDr. Mean Reatanak Sambath
94/26/2013Learning from the Canada Health InfowayDr. Alvin MarceloNo video recording?Deck
105/8/2013Optimizing HIS: Initiative Works on Integrating OpenMRS to DHIS2Aliyah Lou Evangelista
115/24/2013Translating OpenMRS to DHIS2Aliyah Lou Evangelista
126/12/2013Clinician Led eHealth Records: A Knowledge Approach to the Sharing of Health Information.Aliyah Lou Evangelista
136/28/2013Health Facility RegistryAlvin Marcelo
147/26/2013Innovation is the Key to Achieving Health Related MDGAlvin Marcelo
158/30/2013Updates from MedInfo 2013Alvin Marcelo
169/11/2013mHealth for InteroperabilityAlvin Marcelo
1710/25/2013Getting Started with HingXAlvin Marcelo
1811/13/2013Placing Countries In-Charge of their eHealth DestinyAlvin Marcelo
1911/29/2013EHR Adoption in TaiwanAnis Fuad
2012/11/2013EA as a Strategy for Developing CountriesAlvin Marcelo
211/8/2014Get back our eHealth to our Hands with Open Source Software and Open StandardsAlvin Marcelo
221/24/2014eHealth Capacity Building The Importance of Health InformaticsAlvin MarceloRecording file unavailable?Deck
232/12/2014Learning Public Health Informatics Nuts and Bolts: Competency-based Informatics Training Programs at CDCAlvin Marcelo
242/28/2014Enterprise Architecture and the Role of Archimate and TOGAFAlvin Marcelo
253/12/2014Online Meeting for eHealth Moving ForwardAliyah Lou Evangelista
263/28/2014Telemedicine Advances in AsiaAlvin MarceloNo recording?Deck
274/9/2014Mobile Technology for Community HealthMark Landry
286/11/2014Big Data: Applications and Opportunities in HealthcareAlvin Marcelo
296/27/2014Effective Use of Information Systems for Non profit organizationsJai Ganesh
307/9/2014An Overview of the Health Information and Intelligence Platform (HIIP) for the Western PacificAlvin Marcelo
318/13/2014The nursing contribution to health information worldwide
Mark Landry
328/18/2014Innovation in Healthcare IT Standards: The Path to Big Data InterchangeAlvin Marcelo
339/10/2014A Critical Appraisal of Clinical Decision SupportAlvin Marcelo
349/24/2014Real-time Cross-platform Alerting System with Simple Email InfrastructureAlvin Marcelo
3510/8/2014SNOMED CT - the global language of healthcare
Alvin Marcelo
3611/12/2014ISO TR 14639 - capacity-based eHealth Architecture RoadmapAlvin Marcelo
371/14/2015AeHIN Performance Review 2011-2014 and Online consultation for General Membership for Activities 2015-2017Alvin Marcelo
382/11/2015How to Achieve National eHealth Goals through PartnershipsAlvin Marcelo
392/27/2015Running a Government Funded Telemedicine Network: The Ontario ExperienceAlvin Marcelo
400312/2015Leveraging Public Health Data from a Network of Outpatient EHRs: the New York City ExperienceMelissa Chew
414/15/2015Innovation in Primary Care: Insights from the Primary Care Innovator's HandbookTricia Bolender
424/30/2015Three decades of eHealth at the Hong Kong Hospital AuthorityAlvin MarceloNo recording?Deck
435/23/2015#HealthXPh: Tweet chat on emerging technology and social media in healthcarealvin MarceloNo recording?Deck
446/10/2015Scaling up Telemedicine: The MOMENTUM-TREAT FrameworkMr. Marc Lange (ETHEL)
456/25/2015SS-MIX: A Ministry Project to Promote Standardized Healthcare Information ExchangeProf. Michio Kimura
466/30/2015Telehealth in Canada: Breaking down distances to bring care closer to patientsMargarita Loyola (Island Health)
477/8/2015Extending the Global Reach of Community Health Nursing EducationNorma Sarkar (University of Michigan)
487/30/2015New Zealand embraces SNOMED CT for trusted, actionable health informationAlastair Kenworthy (New Zealand Ministry of Health)
498/12/2015How does Telehomecare support Chronic Disease Management?Ana MacPherson (HealthLink Southlake Regional Health Centre)
508/20/2015Sharing and Reusing Health Training Content: An Introduction to ORB and Oppia MobileLesley-Anne Long, Alex Little (mPowering)
519/16/2015The Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action: Scale, Sustainability and Impact in South Africa, Bangladesh and IndiaTara Talvacchia (Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action)
529/24/2015Raising the International Profile of Asian Health InformaticsProf. Siaw Teng Liaw
539/30/2015Strengthening Country RHIS Strategic Approaches by the MEASURE Evaluation Dr. Hemali Kulatilaka, Dr. Theo Lippeveld
5412/16/2015Telehealth Services – Quality Planning Guidelines Alan Taylor
551/28/2016Moving from a single facility to a National eHealth solutionMr. Anant Raut (PossibleHealth), Mr. Ranjan Sakalley (ThoughtWorks)
562/4/2016mHealth for Aged CareProf. Pradeep Kumar Ray
572/15/2016OpenMRS Online Training (Introductory Session(HISSL, AeHIN COIL, OpenMRS
582/26/2016Special AeHIN Hour - Monthly Country eHealth Updates (PHILIPPINES)Dr. Alvin Marcelo
593/1/2016IT Governance: a simple solution to the complex problem of building national scale health information systemsPhilippine Genome Center - UPNo recording?Deck
603/24/2016OpenMRS Implementation 101HISSL, OpenMRSRecording UnavailableSupplementary material:
613/30/2016Special AeHIN Hour - Monthly Country eHealth Updates (MALAYSIA)Dr. Fazilah Allaudin
624/28/2016Special AeHIN Hour - Monthly Country eHealth Updates (SRI LANKA)Dr. Clive James, Dr. Roshan Hewapathirana
635/30/2016AeHIN Strategy 2016-2020Dr. Alvin Marcelo
646/14/2016mERA ChecklistDr. Smisha Agarwal, Dr. Garrett Mehl, Dr. Alain Labrique
656/30/2016Introduction to Health Information System ProcurementMs. Alice T. Liu (Jhpiego)
667/22/2016Special AeHIN Hour - Monthly Country eHealth Updates (CAMBODIA)Dr. Mean Sambath
678/16/2016The AeHIN GIS Lab - Introduction and proposed workplan for 2016-2017Dr. Steeve Ebener
689/8/2016Pakistan's eHealth Mapping ExerciseDr. Syed Mursalin
699/12/2016Clinical Research in the clouds in the NHS, Standards and Electronic Health Care RecordProf. James Batchelor
709/15/2016HIS Procurement: Key Decision Factors in Making the Buy versus Build versus Outsource DecisionMs. Alice Liu
7110/12/2016Tools and Templates for HIS ProcurementMs. Alice Liu
7212/8/2016Routine Health Information Systems: A curriculum on basic concepts and practiceDr. Theo Lippeveld
731/26/2017Strengthening Routine Health Information Systems through Regional NetworksDr. Tariq Azim, Dr. Hemali Kulatilaka (MEASURE Evaluation)
741/31/2017Intelligent Scan SystemDr. Prapat Suriyaphol
752/1/2017Health Worker Directories and RegistriesDr. Carl Leitner
762/8/2017Optimizing use of EHR data for quality improvement and researchProf. Siaw Teng Liaw
772/22/2017Assessing and Improving Routine Health Information Systems: RHIS assessment tools and methodsDr. David Boone, Ms. Hiwot Belay
784/19/2017Introduction to OpenHIE Implementers NetworkCarl Fourie
794/26/2017Consultation on Draft Policy for Data Use and Data Sharing by WHOMs. Ticia Gerber
805/3/2017How to Start OpenHIE Implementation in your CountryDr. Alvin Marcelo
815/11/2017Digital Transformation in Health SectorDr. Suresh GP
825/17/2017Introduction to the OpenHIE Interoperability Layer and OpenHIMCarl Fourie, Philip Zuniga and Ryan Crichton
835/24/2017Expanding Access to Cervical Cancer ScreeningMs. Yael Misrahi
846/14/2017Development of a POC HESB for PHIE talk 1: ESB BenchmarkingProf. Philip Zuniga
856/28/2017Digital Health: A call for Government Leadership and Cooperation between ICT & HealthMs. Florence Gaundry-Perkins
867/12/2017Requirements and Architecture for a National Health Information Exchange Using OpenHIEProf. Philip Zuniga
877/18/2017mHealth for Visiting Health Systems in MongoliaDr. Yong Yunchae
888/2/2017Performance Testing of an ESBProf. Philip Zuniga
898/8/2017AeHIN Health IT Collaboration WorkshopsDr. Boonchai Kijsanayotin
908/9/2017SAIL Databank: A national e-research for Wales, UKDavid FordConverted video for uploadDeck
918/23/2017Aggregate Data eXchange (ADX) Profile OverviewJames Kariuki
929/16/2017Health Worker Registries and OpenInfoMan - An OverviewLuke Duncan, Ally Shaban, Richard Stanley, Emily Nicholson
9310/25/2017HIS Strengthening Resource Center: Centralizing EvidenceHeidi Reynolds, Shannon Salentine, Ashley Strahley, Tariq Azim
9411/15/2017The African Health Information Exchange ProjectPierre Dane
9511/29/2017OHIE Terminology ServicesJack Bowie
961/10/2018District Assessment Tool for Anemia: A Multisectoral and Innovative Tool to Address Anemia in the District levelTeemar Fisseha, Danya Sarkar
971/17/2018Beyond Scale: How to make your digital development program sustainableKate Wilson, Wameek Noor, Brittany Caplin
981/24/2018Facility RegistryEduardo Jezierski
992/21/2018HEARTH: An Emerging FHIR RegistryRyan Chricton
1002/28/2018HL7 FHIR and Smart: A New Model for InteroperabilityJames Agnew
1013/6/2018The World on FHIR: Real-World Implementations in Southeast AsiaDr. Raymond Sarmiento
1023/19/2018Japan Nationwide EHR Storage SS-MIX for Patient Information Exchange Prof. Michio Kimura
1034/4/2018Towards an Open Platform in Healthcare - the work of the Ripple FoundationDr. Tony Shannon
1044/11/2018Use of Community Health Data for Shared AccountabilityTariq Azim, Binyam Tilahun
1054/18/2018Health Terminology Services: A comparison of existing solutionsDr. Raymond Sarmiento
1065/2/2018Implementing Health Information Systems in MozambiqueDr. Allesandro Campione, Antonio Macheve Jr.
1076/26/2018Blood Safety Information System ProjectRhonwyn Cornell, Linda Taylor
1088/22/2018OpenHIE 2018 Community Meeting Feedback SessionCarl Fourie, Amanda Bendor
10911/26/2018Unify Data into Information into IntelligenceLaurie Hawkins
11011/28/2018Introducing the Principles of Donor Alignment for Digital HealthTim Wood
11112/4/2018Digital Square - Overview and Global Good HighlightAmanda Bendor
1121/15/2019OpenIMIS 101Dr. Alvin Marcelo, Saurav Bhattarai
1131/29/2019Echo Webinar on the Principles of Donor Alignment for Digital HealthDr. Boonchai Kijsanayotin
1142/12/2019The Indonesia openIMIS Community of PracticeDr. Anis FuadDeck
1152/26/2019Patient Management and Registration System (Cambodia)Dr. Mean Sambath
1163/5/2019SATMED - A non for profit e/m-health platformDr. Titus Kuhne
1173/2/2019Implementing CHF-IMIS in TanzaniaMr. Silvery Mgonza
1183/19/2019Careers in eHealth: Chief Medical Information OfficerDr. Alvin Marcelo
1194/2/2019Financing Digital MarketsKate Wilson, Kai-Lik Foh
1204/16/2019Social Health Insurance in Indonesia: Macro illustration for OpenIMIS use casesDr. Anis Fuad
1215/28/2019Opportunities for openIMIS in CambodiaDr. Mean Sambath
1226/3/2019Using data to improve immunization outcomes: findings from the IDEA reviewLaurie Werner, Allison Osterman
1236/4/2019Advancing coordination in digital health investments through the WHO's Digital Health AtlasMaeghan Orton
1246/18/2019How to Assess and Continuously Improve Maturity of Health Information SystemsManish Kumar
1256/25/2019A Proposed Architecture for Data Sharing between OpenIMIS SystemsDr. Alvin Marcelo
1267/15/2019PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology - An OverviewMr. Manikandan Monakrishnan
1277/16/2019Health data standars and health insurance information systems: Thailand ExperienceDr. Boonchai Kijsanayotin
1288/13/2019Enterprise Architecture: Updates from the ITU and the AeHIN Regional Enterprise Architecture Council for Health (REACH)Dr. Alvin Marcelo, Hani Eskandar (ITU) 1
Deck 2
1298/20/2019Understanding your Digital Health Programs: Deploying the Digital Health AtlasMeghan Orton
1308/28/2019Health System of Sri Lanka and the Emerging Role of Health InsuranceDr. Chamika Senanayake be updated
1319/17/2019openLMIS - An open-source tool for managing public health supply chainsRebecca Alban, Wesley Brown
13210/14/2019eHealth Developments in the MENAHI RegionDr. Najeeb Al-Shorbaji
13310/21/2019OHSERA and VistADr. Seong K. Mun, Sam Habiel be updated
13410/22/2019Analysis of Situation of Digital Health in Central America: The experience of Central American Health Informatics NetworkJoseline Carias, Daniel Otzoy
13511/5/2019Standards & Interoperability Lab Thailand (SILT) and Thai FHIR communityDr. Boonchai Kijsanayotin
13612/16/2019Ontoserver, Snapper, Shrimp and Search UI: Delivering on Terminology ServicesDr. Michael Lawley, Kate Ebrill be updated
13712/17/2019An overview of the TOGAF Health Enterprise Reference Architecture (O-HERA)Dr. Alvin Marcelo
1381/14/2020Proposed Governance Structure for National Health Enterprise ArchitectureDr. Alvin MarceloDeck
1391/16/2020The role of openIMIS in achieving UHC in the PhilippinesDr. Dante SalvadorDeck
1401/29/2020openIMIS on FHIR – the experiences of mapping an existing data model to FHIR ResourcesopenIMIS Developers' Committee (Saurav Bhattaraim Kamil Madej, Harsh Atal)Deck 1
Deck 2
Deck 3
1412/4/2020The Global Healthsites Mapping projectMark Herringer and Janusz SlotaDeck
1422/11/2020Using the FHIM to Automate and Build Consistent FHIR ProfilesJason Lee, PhDDeck
1432/18/2020Digital Health Atlas: Sri Lanka ExperienceDr. Chaminda Weerabaddana, Dr. Neranga Liyanaarachchi, Ms. Maeghan OrtonDeck 1
Deck 2
Deck 3
1442/25/2020An Introduction to the International Patient SummaryRob Hausam, Giorgio CangioliDeck
1453/3/2020Updates on EA in Asia, next steps with REACH, adoption of O-HERA, and other mattersDr. Alvin Marcelo
1463/10/2020How to Conduct Online MeetingsDr. Alvin Marcelo, Cha Orjalo
1473/17/2020Integrating a Health Information System in a Preventive and Community Medicine ProgramDr. Sharma Ojeda (SLCM)
1483/19/2020Civic Tech Challenge againts COVID-19Dr. Shinji Kobayashi
1493/26/2020COVID-19 DHIS2 Standard PackagesJohn Lewis, Shurajit Dutta
1504/2/2020Strategies and Tools to Improve COVID-19 Preparedness and ResponseKatherine Lew, Lars Helge Overland (BAO Systems)
1514/7/2020SORMAS for COVID-19 ResponseDaniel Tom-Aba
1524/14/2020Open Source PACS solutions for LMIC'sMr. Herman Oosterwijk
1534/20/2020A data quality assessment framework for secondary use of observational data from information systemsProf. Siaw Teng Liaw
1544/21/2020Perspectives on National Level Architecture InitiativeDr. Pallab Saha
1554/22/2020Session 1: Introduction to Health Financing mechanisms and Insurance processes
Health Financing Mechanisms
Insurance Processes
GIZ and Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute
1564/23/2020Messaging Channels to reach Citizens Tanvir Singh Natt, Diana Sang
1574/1/2720mHealth for Integrated Service Delivery in the WPRMyron Anthony Godinho, MBBS
1584/28/2020Integrating openIMIS in the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Medical CurriculumDr. Iris Tan
1594/29/2020Session 2: openIMIS system characteristics and data captured
Data Flow
Access to the system
Beneficiary + Claims data
Configurations overview
GIZ and Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute
1604/30/2020Tupaia and Tamanu for COVID-19 responseDr. Michael Nunan, Tupaia
1615/4/2020Using mHealth to enhance healthy ageingDr. Sameera Ansari
1625/6/2020PART I

Session 3: Running demos to showcase processes and features
Enrolment Process
Enrolment of Household Head and other dependents/household members, Policy & contributions through web and mobile app
Claims Process
Renewal Process
GIZ and Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute
1635/11/2020Understanding continuity of care through real world dataProf. Siaw Teng Liaw / Mr. Jason Guan Go
1645/13/2020PART II

Session 3: Running demos to showcase processes and features

Enrolment Process
Enrolment of Household Head and other dependents/household members, Policy & contributions through web and mobile app
Claims Process
Renewal Process
GIZ and Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute
1655/18/2020Social Enterprises using Digital Health and Citizen Engagement to co-produce Integrated CareMyron
1665/25/2020Digital Health Profiles and Maturity Assessment in the PacificSameera / Prof. Siaw Teng Liaw
1675/27/2020Students expectation towards openIMIS inclusion into the curriculum case in MPH Program at UGM IndonesiaDr. Anis Fuad
1686/1/2020Toolkits for Implementation & Evaluation of Digital Health – how good is the evidence?Sameera/Myron/Teng
1696/8/2020Ethical challenges in Digital health and Artificial IntelligenceProf. Siaw Teng Liaw
1706/11/2020COVID-19: Pandemic of the CenturyDr. Fazilah Allaudin
1716/15/2020Training & education in the implementation & evaluation of Digital HealthProf. Siaw Teng Liaw
1727/7/2020The openEHR community's response to COVID-19Dr. Heather Leslie, Dr. Ian McNicoll (UK), Xudong Lu (CN), Paolo Anedda (IT), Silje Bakke (NO)
1737/9/2020Managing COVID-19: data and digital health initiatives of Southampton, UKProf. James Batchelor, Matt Stammers, Hang T.T. Phan, Pradeep Sylva, MHB Ariyaratne
1747/14/2020Architecting Governments: What can We Learn from The World’s #1 Digital Governments?Francis Uy (Sinag Solutions)
Fatema Uddin (Reactor-Bangladesh)
Garab Dorji (Reactor-Bhutan)
1757/22/2020San Beda University College of Medicine openIMIS Project - Integrating health financing and health informatics into a traditional medical curriculumDr. Julius Migriño (SBCM)
1767/27/2020Role of openIMIS in the Health Informatics Management course in an MD-MBA curriculum in the PhilippinesNicole LimTo be addedDeck